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How To Compose An Informative Research Paper Introduction

An informative research paper is a matter of fact statement. What you are doing in writing this is providing an explanation of a given topic. That sounds easy enough, but there are some challenges. Your opinion is not being sought and you are not to provide it. You are to be concerned with the facts, but there is a bit more. How you write the paper will determine the final grade. It cannot be dull or overly dry. Grabbing the attention of the reader from the beginning is going to be very important. The introduction has to be well composed and there are some literary tools you can use.

  • Use Anecdotes. These are interesting little stories to gently draw the reader into the body of the work. By the time he or she is finished reading the episode, the person is already into the paper and is proceeding through the paragraphs.

  • Start out with a Quotation. A recognized authority can perk up a reader and suggest that there is more of interest to come. This is a very common way of starting an informative research paper and useful quotations can be found all over the Internet.

  • Give Them a Surprise. A written fact or explanation of some statistics can arouse the interest of anyone who is looking at the paper. The reader may want to know more and that will bring them into the rest of the text.

  • Imagery Can Help. Using descriptive sentences in the Introduction will paint a picture for anyone and gradually arouse a desire to know something more about the topic.

It should be rather clear that the Introduction is an encouragement for the reader to continue investigating the text. It doesn’t have to be a jarring statement and can be a very gentle, coaxing, use of adjectives and nouns to entice the reader. Anyone who is writing an informative research paper is going to be walking a very fine line. This is all going to be explanation of facts and presentation of data which, if poorly written, will bore the reader by the third paragraph. You do not want that to happen. The introduction is going to set the stage for an exploration of what you have written. Using some of the tools suggested can bring a person from the opening sentences to the body of the composition. If you are able to do that your paper is going to be a successful work of prose. It can help you get the high marks you are hoping to receive.