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5 keys to writing a good research paper: a manual for newbies

Definition of a research paper

Research paper is a comprehensive paper that is made by organizing the information in a particular order. Research topics are already written by someone and you add your personal experience and knowledge to it.

Following are the dos and don’ts of writing a research paper

  • Avoid unnecessary information
  • Stay focused on the given topic, Do not add irrelevant information
  • Follow a logical order
  • Avoid using passive voice
  • Always prefer present tense to describe or give an example
  • Always use a standard font
  • Divide the document into paragraphs
  • Avoid using jargons
  • Try not to address the reader directly

Writing a summary

Your summary should not miss any of the important detail. It should be composed of two hundred words approximately and one paragraph for sure. So that a reader can easily understand what is the topic about, and what is your opinion about the topic. You could end your summary by putting a new question. It should always be written in the end, as you are going to summarize the topic.

Describe your purpose and objective. What made you write on the specific topic? Summary cannot be written in present tense. One should always write the summary in past tense as you are writing about something that has already done. Focus on style, abstract, format, font and the instructions given to you by your teacher. Your paper should be free of any grammatical errors or spelling errors. Check your spellings in spelling checker software

It should be free of any plagiarized work i.e. already published work.

Writing an Introduction

The introduction should not more than of two pages. Tell the reader why you are writing the paper. The purpose of writing your paper is mentioned in the introduction. It should be full of information. By reading the introduction, reader should get an idea, what are your objectives. Make your introduction more interactive to keep the reader engaged in reading rest of your paper. Your questions or hypothesis should be mentioned in the introduction. Explain the advantages or disadvantages of the study.

Style of writing an introduction

It is also written in past tense. Each paragraph should have one important thing in it is statistical fact, relative information. List down your information and make them paragraphs. Do not overload the information. Try to add only and only relevant information. Always use a formal language to describe your viewpoint. You should be clear in your sentences. One should avoid going in complexities as it is neither going to help you nor your reader.