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How To Write A Chicago Style Research Paper: General Guidelines

You need to write a research paper in Chicago-Turabian style? Well, read this article with general guidelines about it.

It is important to remember that Chicago style research paper consists of:

  • Title page
  • Epigraph (optional)
  • Main body
  • Figures
  • Endnotes or footnotes (if there are any)
  • Bibliography

Don’t forget to use Times New Roman with twelve points and to leave one inch margins on the bottom, top, right and left.

Title Page

Chicago format of a research paper’s first page is the title page. The Chicago format of a term paper requires centered title page with capital letters. The title is placed on one-third downwards of the page. Title pages in a term paper Chicago style are not numbered, the same goes with research papers. Write your name, the title of the course, and the date of submission three quarters downwards the page.


This is optional and it comes on a separate page after the title page. It is a quotation, a sentence that is tightly related to the topic. This page is not numbered. An epigraph is written on one third downwards of the page, with five spaces indention from the left margin and without quotation marks. There is no need to cite the source in a note, since you include the name of the author, name of the work and the date of the quotation, two hyphens after it and a dash. However, the source is also included it in the bibliography.

Main Body

Everything between the front matter and the back matter is main body. It starts with introduction and conclusion at the end. The firs line if the paragraph is five spaces indented. The whole text is double spaced. Remember the following:

  • Numbering (pagination) – Arabic numbers, on the right top side
  • Foreign language words – italicized
  • Titles of books and works – italicized
  • Every reference to a figure in the paper should have the number of it
  • Citation- superscript number that corresponds to an endnote or footnote


These are part of the back matter. Write “Illustrations” as title on the first page, in capital letters and centered. Don’t forget to write caption below every figure (fig.1, fig.2…). Also information about the author, title, the year and dimensions of the work should be written after the caption. Don’t use more than two figures per page.


Every source that you used for your paper, even those mentioned in endnotes, should be listed here in alphabetical order.

You should always bear in mind the style you are required to write the research paper. There’re no huge differences between different styles, but they should be respected.