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Composing A Solid Registered Nurse Research Paper: Advanced TipsĀ 

Writing a research paper is a tedious task. You need to focus all your energies in one place and stay consistent to finish your paper in a good way. If you are to write a paper on registered nurses, you need to understand their profession, career opportunities, hardships they face, benefits they have of being registered and many other things about them. For this, it is important that you wither carry out surveys in hospitals, meet with senior nurses, interview a nursing association, use past research data, and rely on facts to support your stance.

This article talks about advanced tips and suggestion from experts to help students write a research paper in nursing

  1. Use valid and recent data
  2. Do not add anything in your paper before you analyze it and check its credibility.

  3. Give more value to primary research
  4. Rely on first hand information, as it is more relevant, direct, authenticated, and credible.

  5. Get involved in your paper
  6. If you do not have an interest in the subject, it will show in your writing. Art is not something that can be imposed. If a writer or artist is not into his work, people will feel that in his creation.

  7. Cite the sources you use for information
  8. Never miss a source that you used for information in your research paper. Track all the citations twice or thrice in your paper.

  9. Create a strong paper that makes logical sense
  10. It is very important for the reader to be able to relate to your paper and understand the logical order in your research. Do not jump back and forth between certain sets of information. Move gradually with your paper so that the reader finds it easy to understand and remember.

  11. Editing and proofing
  12. Editing and proofing are the post writing stages in a research paper. Even though they are around ten to fifteen percent of the total task but they are very important. This last touch up will decide whether your paper was able to stand out and convey a clear message to your readers, or did it merely confuse your audience. Do not hesitate to delete and edit paragraphs if you need to. If you think a certain sentence or even a paragraph is not adding value to the paper and seems irrelevant, you should go ahead and delete it. It is not the quantity of words that matters in a research paper. The quality of paper is important.