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Fresh Health Topics for a Research Paper

Health issues are always topical, so it is not surprising that many students choose health topics for their research papers. Many good examples of such topics can be easily found online. You may also visit your university library, or consult your supervisor and ask him or her about potential topics. Either way, it makes sense to think a little bit about what you want to write about before looking through the 7 fresh health topics described below.

  1. Dieting:
  2. Many people are overweight; they want to lose weight and become healthier. It is interesting to mention that a half of women are trying to lose weight at any point in time. In many cases, they use unhealthy methods that are dangerous to their health. The most unpleasant fact is that dieting rarely works, and people regain their lost weight.

  3. Emotional hunger:
  4. Emotional hunger feels identical to physical hunger. There are 8 traits of emotional hunger that you may be interested to study: it is sudden and urgent, it is for a specific food, it begins in the mouth, it is caused by an unpleasant emotion, you cannot stop eating, and you feel guilty about it.

  5. Sleep:
  6. Sleep is as essential to your health as is water and food. You cannot feel well without getting enough sleep. There are many tips on how one can sleep better, and what things should be avoided in order to replenish one’s body.

  7. Stress:
  8. Biologists claim that stress is helpful to the human body, but too much stress can ruin our organism and cause numerous diseases. You can devote your research to helpful stress management techniques. For example, write why it is important to rest regularly.

  9. Depression:
  10. Every person has experienced some conditions similar to depression. When you visit a doctor, you might be prescribed some medicine. However, they rarely work out because it does not make sense to deal with the consequences instead of taking care of the cause of depression. It is interesting to study what causes depression, and how people can deal with the cause of depression.

  11. Alcohol poisoning:
  12. This is a very common and dangerous medical condition. It often occurs when you take too much alcohol too quickly. It can cause death by turning off some vital brain areas. You should learn the signs of alcohol intoxication, and what can be done in order to help an individual.

  13. Healthy nutrition:
  14. Today, people are too busy to eat healthy foods. It is a good idea to study a food pyramid and develop some healthy nutritional tips for busy city residents.