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Tips For Writing Strong A Research Paper Conclusion And Recommendation Section

If you are tasked with writing a research paper the conclusion and recommendation section might be the most challenging for you. The conclusion section is designed to, as the name would suggest, and conclude. This is where you should offer final remarks on your task and also where you should reiterate the information presented in your introduction. It is important to note that the introduction in tandem with the conclusion and therefore if you are writing a conclusion section even to the research paper, you want to make sure that it aligns with the information you presented inside of your introduction but expounds upon the findings in the core body of your paper as well.

  • When you are completing this task you should also remember that the best conclusion is one which presents to the readers a call to action. This means that it shows the readers what the topic has to do with the bigger picture. If readers finish the conclusion and they are still asking the question, "so what?" Then your conclusion has failed to do its job. Your readers should finish the end of your paper knowing exactly where your findings fit into the bigger picture and what has to happen next.

  • This leads directly into the recommendations section. Your recommendations section is designed as a location where you recommend to the readers what additional research needs to be completed in order to expound upon the findings and contribution to your research made. This works in tandem with your concluding section by answering the so what question once again. By answering this question you can present to the readers why your information matters. You want them to know that your research is not just something written like a chapter in the textbook but rather is something which has contributed to the academic society and has something to offer for additional research. Your findings do not allow for further research and they are perhaps useless in their design as far as your readers may be concerned. You have to address this immediately with your recommendation section.

  • It is also important that you avoid common mistakes associated with the concluding paragraph. Do not make the mistake of introducing new material at this juncture. Avoid becoming emotional or personal rather than professional and academic. Avoiding these costly mistakes can help save your grade and reputation of your paper.