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Where To Find A Proofread Psychology Research Paper Example

If you are in the process of writing a psychology research paper, one of best sources of help is to be able to see some good examples. This will give you the chance to see the calibre of work that you are aiming for. Following instructions is good, but viewing examples it is more like visual learning and most people find that it is a positive way to process information.

  • Start by asking your psychology professor if they could show you an example (preferably more than one) of a proofread research paper. Hopefully they would be happy to share some examples with you.
  • Big Tip: If they are able to provide you with an example, then view it alongside the instructions you have been given to produce your own paper. This will then give you chance to see what it looks like when the instructions are practically applied. Note the way references are cited and how there is a logical progression of ideas as the piece of work progresses.

  • You could also ask the school or college Librarian if they have access to any research papers that have been proofread and are written at the level you are working at.
  • Big Tip: Also look at the topics and the thesis that the researchers have used. Rather than take a huge idea or issues they have usually chosen to just research a small part of it. By doing this they actually have a better chance of staying more focussed and staying within the remit.

  • Have a look at several psychological academic research sites that offer downloads examples of research papers. You may have to sign up for the site, but that does not mean that you will be asked to give your bank details. They do this so unscrupulous websites will be deterred from using the examples for their own. What is also useful is to see an example of work before and after it has been proofread and edited.
  • Big Tip: This means that you can see the way that your paper can really shine after it has had a bit of work done to it and you will be able to appreciate the need for proofreading your research paper, perhaps at a professional level. You can do some proofreading yourself but it is always a good idea to get someone else to read through it for you or for you to learn some proofreading techniques.