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The Top 25 Most Interesting Things To Do A Research Paper On

Writing a research paper includes different stages: choosing a topic, searching for resources, analyzing the material, compiling the paper, rereading, and editing. If you aren’t exactly looking forward to this, try to make the process easier and more exciting by choosing the topic that is interesting to you. The process of writing a research paper can become a great journey into the world of secrets and forgotten mysteries. Besides, students must remember the direct connection between the level of their involvement in the topics, and the marks they get. The following list of the most interesting research topics can help you get inspired and come up with new paper ideas:

  1. Placebo effect: can we believe ourselves?
  2. Living in the age of melancholy: how to deal with depression?
  3. The psychology of creativity: can a family bring up a genius?
  4. Money vs. happiness: do you need to become a millionaire in order to be happy?
  5. Technological boom: does texting affect teenage literacy?
  6. The process of evolution: are humans still evolving?
  7. Helpful vs. detrimental: can the benefits of vaccination outweigh the risks?
  8. Internet censorship: reasons, effects, and development.
  9. Life of secret service agents: duties, risks, and responsibilities.
  10. Possession and acquisition license: do the states that allow citizens to carry guns have higher rates of crimes?
  11. Medical marijuana: does the use of weed have more benefits than hazards?
  12. The effect of the first moon landing on world development.
  13. Global warming: the forgotten story of the most dangerous effects of human living.
  14. Climate change: how can people stop its detrimental effects?
  15. Ineffective HIV campaigns: why do so many people still suffer from this disease?
  16. The effects of video games: can children of the 21st century live without technological devices?
  17. Goals and intentions: can a terrorist be justified?
  18. The life of a workaholic: is a 40-hour workweek too much?
  19. Bringing up a criminal: are parents responsible for the crimes of their children?
  20. Single-sex schools: are the results of education better in such institutions?
  21. Report the news or create it: the development of media.
  22. Believing in God: is there only one truthful religion?
  23. The notion of cyber security: can someone steal your money and identity with the help of a computer?
  24. The most difficult work: should the government pay stay-at-home mothers?
  25. Legalization of human organ sale: what effects can it have?