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Composing A Great Research Paper About Obesity In America

The rate of obesity in this country is a real hot button issue right now. To create a great paper on the topic, you would need a different angle on it or facts that people haven’t seen before. If you cannot find anything like that then your best chance is to make a great paper is to just find all of the information you can, as much as possible on the topic and write about it with passion or authority. Here are some things that a great paper on this topic should include.

What to Include

  • Strong introduction and conclusion
  • Three main points about obesity
  • Facts from reliable sources
  • Any new information you find
  • A new angle

Strong Introduction and Conclusion

If these two paragraphs are not strong and do not properly introduce and conclude the essay, then it will not be nearly as powerful. You want to make a point to do well here too. These are not irrelevant paragraphs; they are the first thing the reader sees to make them want to read more and the last thing you leave the reader with in the end.

Three Main Points about Obesity

In a standard five paragraph format, you should have three main coats of paint about obesity, three things you want to focus on. These three statements are very important as they are the foundation for the whole body.

Facts from Reliable Sources

You will need facts to back up your three main points. These facts should come from reliable sources so that you know that anything you say or any statistics you choose to include will be accurate. Without these reliable facts, your points cannot be backed up or seen to be true.

Any New Information You Find

If there are any new studies out that you haven’t seen a hundred times already that can provide new insight, then you should use them. People don’t want to keep hearing the same information over and over again if there is new information out there.

A New Angle

Try to think of the topic in a new way. See it in a way that no one else has before. Try to make it about something other than the usual “obesity is bad” paper. If you cannot find one that is okay, it is always good to try.

Obesity is a good topic because so many people now have such an interest in it. They are worried about the children of this country and for good reason. If you try to incorporate as much of the points above as possible as your paper should turn out pretty well.