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How To Come Up With Easy History Research Paper Topics: Tricks For College Students

Students in high school and college both need help when it comes to creating history research paper topics. While most high school students can get away with basic topics that are broad and wide-ranging, college students usually need to choose topics that are narrowed and specific. This is where the challenge arrives, because easy history research paper topics are difficult to narrow. There are only so many historical events and the majority of them have been covered repeatedly.

How to Build a Topic

College students can create unique, easy history research paper topics than they realize. The best way to create a topic is to look through textbooks, listen to lectures, and choose a topic that fits with the units of study. Since research papers need to prove a point, they need to have something argumentative about them. So, when college students are ready to craft their topics, they need to look for a way to make the historical event argumentative.

Make a Topic Argumentative

For example, if you are writing a research paper about World War II, there are several ways that you can make the topic collegiate, by narrowing it and making it argumentative:

  • - Should women receive more credit for their work during World War II?
  • - Do modern movies show what really happened during World War II?
  • - Are the veterans of World War II really the greatest generation?

You can immediately tell is a research paper topic is argumentative if it can be put into a yes or no question. The side that you take will be based on the answer that you pick. So, if you really do think that World War II veterans are the greatest generation, you will need to prove what makes a generation great and if the actions of the veterans fit the criteria.

Small Topics that Can Be Interesting

If you simply need to research a little known topic for a history research paper, then you have several options. Again, if you are going to focus on World War II, there are plenty of interesting topics that can be narrowed. For example, students could focus on topics like:

  • - Higgins Boats and the Racially Integrated Workforce
  • - Rationing and What We Could Learn Today
  • - Victory Gardens and How Communities were Sustained
  • - The GI Bill and How It Affected Colleges
  • - Pearl Harbor and the Images Released to the Media