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Creating A Research Paper Title Page In The MLA Format

The MLA format is one of the most extended outline for research papers. This format is specially useful when you are creating a title page for your academic article. In this post, we review some of the most important features of the MLA format and how it may benefit you in your upcoming paper.

Getting started

First, we should note that you will make a title page for your research paper only if you are so requested. Next, you should list your name and your advisor's name in the upper left-had corner of the first page. The MLA format includes double space in the whole text, centre the title and avoid using any format options. Standard capitalizations is required in the heading. You should only use italics and quotations whenever you refer to other works in your title.

In the upper right-hand corner, you will place your last name and the page number. Keep in mind that some of these specifications may vary according to your instructor's indications.

General format cues

The guidelines by MLA format are meant to be used in documents written in English. In addition, this format helps researchers to cite other works in a easier way. Another advantage of the MLA format is that authors can provide the necessary references to back their work up without much effort. What's more, MLA format helps most authors to avoid any possible accusations of plagiarism, as the accountability of the references is quite straightforward whenever you use this outline.

In any case, if you are asked to use the MLA format, you should take a look at the latest version of the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers so as not to miss any important step in the creation process. There are also other similar books, such as the MLA Style Manual and Guide to Scholarly Publishing, which is focused on high-school texts in this format. You may find both textbooks on the Internet as well as in many libraries which support writers provided the popularity of the MLA format.

As a last word, this format has a lot of advantages which allow you to back your thesis up and get the references that you need in a much efficient way. You should definitely opt for the MLA format if you are about to start your upcoming research paper.