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Searching For A Free Sample Argumentative Research Paper: An Effective Guide

Students develop their analytical and persuasive skills when they write argumentative research papers. Your supervisor probably explained what a strong argument is, how to compose and support a thesis statement, and why it is important to edit and proofread the paper carefully. However, it is always better to have a good argumentative research paper sample. Students understand that they can prepare their papers faster when they have such samples, but they often forget to evaluate the quality of the sources. You can get free reliable samples if you:

  • - Visit your supervisor and ask him or her to give you several good argumentative research papers.
  • - Go to the university library and look for research papers written by other students.
  • - Consult an instructor of the academic writing center about argumentative research papers that you can use as samples.
  • - Search for samples on the Web; it is better to look through examples provided by universities, libraries, and credible writing agencies.

Remember that you cannot use a chosen sample as your own work. You should also evaluate it and ensure that it meets the following requirements:

  1. The ideas are supported by strong evidence.
  2. You should provide logical argumentation if you want to prepare a solid research paper. If a chosen sample does not provide enough supportive details, you should not use it. This means that the author does not understand how an argumentative research paper should be written.

  3. The facts are taken from credible sources.
  4. You should read the paper and not question the facts provided there. Therefore, they should be chosen carefully, taken from credible sources, and cited properly. You can also use these sources while working on your own research paper.

  5. The author cites the sources properly.
  6. You should be able to understand what ideas demonstrate the positon of the paper’s author, and which are borrowed. Plagiarism is unacceptable in the world of academic writing, so make sure that you know how to cite properly using the assigned research paper formatting style.

  7. The sample paper is well-structured.
  8. The reader will never understand your argument unless you structure your paper in a proper manner. If you have trouble trying to figure out what the main points are and how they correspond to the research question, you should not use a chosen sample.

  9. The style of the paper is formal.
  10. Though academic writing may seems boring, you should use plain language, avoid jargon, and use strong vocabulary. If you notice emotional expressions or writing in the first person voice, you should start looking for another research paper sample.