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Composing A Powerful Research Paper About Cancer: Useful Advice

Cancer is that one disease, which we all are exorbitantly scared of. 'Cancer has got no answer' I am sure we have heard this aphorism time and again and almost everytime it has given us chills. There are some gazillion number of research papers on this atrocious disease, all with spectrum of effective scopes and hypotheses. Thus writing a dissertation on such a sensitive issue, needs compassion. There could be several out-of-the-box tips for your draft but nothing equals empathy that you ought to have for the patients. Below are certain useful points you might want to work with:

  • Select the subject of your interest-choose your subject with extreme care and contemplation. You need to keep in mind certain important factors before doing so. Firstly, coordinate with your supervisor. Secondly, ruminate on how much time you possess. And finally, go with your interest. Using cases you have seen from close quarters, could be another great idea.

  • Break down the topic- this refers to dividing your subject into several sub-categories. In order to approach this step you should read through quite a few background articles. At this juncture, do not take down extensive notes but few main ideas would not harm. As you peruse, keep on asking relevant questions.

  • Write your tentative thesis- reading many articles on cancer will give you the ability to dig out a certain statement, of which you will seek a solution. The thesis would provide you with a controlling idea and help you search the exact domain that is relevant and significant.

  • Take note of important concepts- maintain note cards, these will help you compare the main ideas to the random notes you have jotted down.

  • Design the framework- a research paper is ideally divided into thesis, introduction, literature review, methodology, data analysis, conclusion and finally references.

  • Create a rough draft- following the framework you may simply write a sketchy draft. Highlight the important points.

  • Never forget to edit- when you have finished the rough draft, review and revise it. Pay close attention to the content and organization.

  • Maintain reference list properly- you may not know but a good research paper is judged on the basis of its sources. Both in text and out text referencing is crucial. Read about the several styles before finalising the list, make sure it is in alphabetical order.

  • Final draft and introspection- final draft is the most painstaking step of all. Dedicate more than one month to writing it. After having written it down, read and reread, polish and eliminate all sorts of errors.