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Science Research Paper Examples: Reliable Resources To Use

Science research papers examples have been proven to help students when they are struggling to write their research paper. If you are looking for reliable resources, they aren’t hard to find. Science research paper is a little different than other research papers that you write. Most research papers are set up like an essay but scientific ones have different sections that have to be in them. You have the abstract, intro, methods, results, discussion, conclusion, and then work cited. A simple search of the Internet and you can find millions of examples. Here are some of the best sites that have science research paper examples.

Where To Find Science Research Paper Examples

  • - Bedford St. Martins has a great example of a social science research paper. It not only gives you the example but gives you the instructions on how it is suppose to look in the example. These details and the example makes this a great example for you to use.

  • - Explorable has a good example of a research paper on their website but they also tell you how to do it and how to set up a scientific research paper.

  • - The University of North Carolina in the Chapel Hill’s writing center has some really good information on how to write a science research paper. They don’t give you complete example but at each step they give you an example of how that part of your paper is suppose to look. This will make writing your science research paper easier because then you will better understand each section.

  • - If your research paper has to be in APA format then you should take a look at APA style website. They have great examples of APA style research papers including scientific ones.

  • - If you go to the University of California Santa Barbara website you will find a list of research paper examples that have external links. They are broken up by subject so you can find the one you need. As for science examples they have chemistry, political science, engineering, computer science, biotechnology, and biology.

  • - Columbia University doesn’t have examples of a scientific research paper on their website but they do have detailed instructions on how to write one though. This is a great site to use as a reference to understand all of the examples that I listed above for you. If you don’t understand how to write one then how are you suppose to understand the examples.