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Where To Find A Proper Research Paper Appendix Example

Some aspects of your research paper are easier to understand than others and you may even intuitively write them properly without help. Usually, your appendix requires very precise formatting which an amateur is liable to mess up by accident. This shouldn’t frighten you away from the process though. Here are some questions you can ask if you don’t know where to start and you really could use an example for reference:

  • Does your teacher have any?
  • Your teacher, professor or lecturer will most likely have a few research papers available that you can look at to see how the whole thing gets done. They may not automatically lend it to you but you should try regardless. The entire paper will be helpful because it allows you to see how the contents of the appendix relate to all the rest of the paper.

  • Do any of your friends have any?
  • If you have any friends who have done the same course as you in the past this is a good time to make a phone call and reconnect. They can show you theirs and you can ask questions about how they structured it.

  • Does the library on campus have some?
  • If you’re in college or even just a well stocked high school you may be able to find a research paper appendix in your library and use it as an example. Ask the librarian to help you with your search and you will progress much faster. You may even find things other patrons of the library would never come across.

  • What do you find when you use a search engine?
  • Every now and then a search engine will give you exactly what you need almost immediately. Try typing exactly what you want and specify a subject area if you think that will help.

  • Are you truly desperate?
  • If you still don’t know where to get an example appendix you may need to open your wallet for this last suggestion. There are many professional writing websites out there that can handle any writing assignment the field of academia can throw at them. Search for one of the good ones and pay them to prepare you a sample appendix to your specifications. This is a last resort of course, but if all else fails, it’s out there.

These should give you the answers you need to find the example that’s right for you.