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How To Create A Good Research Paper Thesis Statement About Leukemia

Leukemia is a type of cancer that effects the blood marrow. This type of cancer has been widely researched, but many of the treatments are still not entirely effective on curing it. If the patient is able to survive and be cancer free for more than five years, they are considered to be in remission. This illness carries a widespread impact emotionally and physically, so it is a common writing topic for research papers. To write about this topic, students first need to make a thesis statement.

  • What Is a Thesis Statement?
  • A thesis statement about leukemia will normally make an argument about something. It can be summed up in one or two sentences and is included in the middle or end of the introduction. Students can find many examples online that can help them learn how to do this type of writing. In addition, students may be able to ask their professor for help.

  • Finding a Topic
  • Before the student can even write a thesis statement about leukemia, they will need to choose a topic. The student needs to figure out if they want to write about the treatments, the illness or the causes of the illness. Other potential research paper topics include the emotional impact or the financial burden carried by having cancer. Ideally, the student needs to find a thesis statement that they are actually interested in. If the student is not interested in their topic, they will have a much harder time trying to write their essay.

  • Using Examples for Ideas
  • Many different topics have already been covered on this subject. Although some of them are only available in academic journals or the library, students can find many research papers online. By reading through these research papers on leukemia, the student can figure out the best way to structure their argument. In addition, the student can look at the bibliography in the example for ideas about potential sources.

  • Remembering Topic Sentences
  • A topic sentence is like a miniature thesis statement. After the introduction, the topic sentence of each paragraph works to further the argument. Students should use topic sentences as they create their outline. Beneath each topic sentence, the student should write down the two or three pieces of information that will support their argument. By building the topic sentences one-by-one, the student can marshal a strong argument and get a higher score on their assignment.