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5 Basic Things To Know About The Research Paper Proposal

Today many academic institutions are requiring proposals prior to the acceptance of research papers. The proposal serves as a preliminary measure designed to make sure that the research methods and topics you have selected are appropriate and that there is adequate research available to support the thesis or design you want to follow. The worst thing for a student working on such an assignment is to get started with your thesis take off running and to find that midway through the project there is insufficient evidence or all of the existing evidence focuses on the opposition, leaving them to start over. Design of the proposal is to prevent such a measure from taking place.

There are five basic things you need to know about the research paper proposal:

  1. The first thing you need to know is that you should not begin working on your paper until your proposal has been accepted. Your teacher needs to review the topic proposal and provide their approval before any additional research should be conducted.

  2. The second thing you need to know is that you should conduct some rudimentary research pertaining to the topic so that you can demonstrate that there exists a need with your particular topic is designed to fill. Your goal here is to show your teacher that you have conducted enough research to know definitively that the direction you were planning to take is acceptable.

  3. The third thing you need to know is which formatting you have to use. Your teacher may require a unique formatting and you have to follow this in order for your proposal to be accepted. If you are not sure what formatting you have to follow ask your teacher after you review your syllabus and assignment notes.

  4. The fourth thing you need to know is the links required. Not every proposal is the same. Some teachers want something short and sweet that is no more than one sentence at functions as an informal communication while others require that it be a very formal proposal submitted with a specific number of pages and words.

  5. The fifth thing you need to know is what information your teacher wants you to include. Some teachers, again, prefer more details than others. If you have any questions about what is required for your specific proposal make sure you talk to your teacher and verify things such as the page length or the number of sections that should be required or how many section should be required. All of this information will help you to craft something which is very successful.