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How To Write A Solid Psychology Research Paper In A Day

Are you a little late on your psychology paper submission? Has the teacher given you a one day ultimatum to submit your essay? Are you having a panic attack because you think there’s no way you can write a psychology essay in a day? Who will do all that research and reading? Well, luckily for you this article will guide you exactly how to write a perfect research paper in day.

One Day Manual

Follow these simple steps and you’ll be done with your research paper in a couple of hours:

  1. Turn on your laptop and open up your pet search engine. Type in these words “psychology paper topics”. You’ll get access to hundreds of topics here. Now you must remember that you only have a day to do this essay so you won’t be able to go through the whole “evaluating the alternatives and arriving at a single topic” process. You’ll have to use your moral judgment and select the topic you feel you’re most comfortable with.
  2. Take less than minutes to prepare an outline for your research paper. You don’t have time to fancy things up so go with the standard outline:

    • - Cover page
    • - Acknowledgments
    • - Table of contents
    • - Preface
    • - Topic
    • - Thesis Statement
    • - Introduction
    • - Literature Review
    • - Analysis & Findings
    • - Conclusion
    • - Recommendations
    • - Appendices

  3. Due to shortage of time you won’t have the time to read full fledge articles and research papers for the introduction and literary review. So you’ll have to “skim through” the articles. Use an auto citation generator for in text citation.
  4. It’s advisable to use as many references as you can. Going through several papers is impractical at this stage so you should find few good articles and then use further references from within them.
  5. The analysis is the trickiest part so spend more time on it because your entire research methodology will be reflected in this portion.
  6. Conclude your paper and add a separate heading of limitations (you only had one day so whatever deficiencies you find in your essay justify them as a limitation).
  7. Keep the appendix heavy and loaded.
  8. Proofread or at least skim through, and look out for mistakes, format, edit and submit your essay.