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Useful Suggestions On How To Write An Outstanding Research Paper


Writing a research paper is hard, let alone writing an outstanding one. But do not worry, it can be done! Follow the suggestions found in this article and you may find your teacher giving a star sticker for writing the best essay in the class. A few tips include:

  • - Do The Research
  • - Write Your First Draft
  • - Have Someone Read Through
  • - Revise Your First Draft

Do The Research

This is perhaps the hardest part if writing your essay, or at least the most time-consuming. Researching your topic may take up a lot of time, but once you have all of your information written down, you do not need to waste any time later on in this part of the writing process.

Write Your First Draft

The first draft is probably the most crucial part of writing your research paper. This is where all of your ideas are finally down on paper and the only thing you need now is to determine how your ideas flow. In this step, you need to write the entire paper as if you are writing it to turn it in, meaning you will need an introduction and conclusion as well as full paragraphs for each main point. You do not necessarily need to worry about grammar and spelling in this draft. After finishing your first draft, you can adjust the sentence and paragraph structure to your liking before handing it off to another person.

Have Someone Read Through

Ideally you will want someone who is in the class to read through your paper. Their main objective should be to tell you where the argument falters. This could be where you use vague language to describe certain ideas or it could be a logical fallacy (the concluding you came up with does not logically follow with the information you provided). You could also ask about grammar and spelling if this is a particularly tricky area for you, otherwise expect to get suggestions on practically every aspect of your paper. It may be helpful to have more than one person look over your paper.

Revise Your First Draft

During the revising of your first draft, you should carefully consider all of the suggestions given to you. Any changes you decide or do not decide to make has the potential to drastically alter your final grade. After having revised your draft you can always have a new person look over your paper to make more suggestions. When you are comfortable with what you have written, this is when your paper is finally done and you can turn it in.