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How To Write A Good Research Paper: Tutorial & Examples

Writing great research papers can begin to become second nature to you after you write just one great essay. Once you take the time to really make one shine, you will basically know all the tricks to make the next one better, and the next one better.

All you need to do is try to make the first one fabulous. Really invest some effort and time and hard work into it. And just like the first five mile walk you take that seems almost excruciating—the next one gets easier and the next one gets even easier than that—right?

What You Need Above All Things to Write a Great Essay

There is one thing you need above all other things to write a really great essay. Do you know what that one thing is? Time! Time is essential, not only in the writing of the essay but also the time you give yourself between the writing of it and the rereading of it. See, all good essays benefit from a process I call “simmering.” If you get your first draft done say, four days before it is due—this it the kind of time I’m talking about. Do you know why? Because now you have four days to really make it sing. You have the reassurance that at least the first draft is done, which gets the major anxiety off of your shoulders, and now you can make it sing. Step away from the essay for one day and rest your eyes and brain from it – then go back to it with “fresh eyes” so that it will read and “sound” new again, enabling you to hear and see all the places you can really improve it.

Second, Pick A Topic That Excites You

Some of the best essays I have ever written were on topics I had always wanted to learn more about but had never taken the time. This way, the paper research satisfies a yearning you’ve had to learn more and you will be newly and still excited about what you have learned. This enthusiasm will carry over into the writing of your paper and your reader will get excited about reading it as well.

Introductions and Conclusions Need to Be Interesting

A great way to begin a paper is with interesting facts and a great way to end them is with a very recent – in the news or online, fact that will make the reader think even more about your topic—and fill them with a sense of wonder about it.