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Popular Research Paper Topics: How To Make Your Project Stand Out

Choosing a topic for your research paper sometimes seems even more difficult than writing the paper itself. There are millions of topics to select from, and yet picking one is not that easy. Of course you should write about something familiar, something that kindles interest in you, and makes you want to find out more. However, who guarantees that your peers won’t set eyes on the same topic you particularly like? If you want your project to stand out, either choose a subject which is not widely researched, or come up with a new angle to a well-known topic. The following list may give you an idea of what to write about, and help you to choose a winning subject:

  • - Brainwashing and mind control techniques used by different cults.
  • - Nightmares as reflections of the “unconscious”..
  • - Can blind people see dreams?.
  • - Can parapsychology be regarded as a serious field of psychology?.
  • - Lucid dreaming and lucid nightmares..
  • - Influence of meditation on the brain..
  • - The impact of superstitions on our minds..
  • - Toys imported from China poison children. How to prevent it?.
  • - The issue of the death penalty. Why is it wrong to have all the terrorists, rapists, and murderers killed?.
  • - Social networks put an end to face-to-face communication. What can be done about it?.
  • - Gender-equality: myth or reality?.
  • - Should prayer be an essential part of schooling?.
  • - Can human cloning be justified?.
  • - Should gay couples be allowed to adopt children?.
  • - Adoption laws for single people should be less strict..
  • - Religious attitudes towards organ donation..
  • - Can laws be broken for a reason?.
  • - Some kinds of advertising must be banned for reasons of morality, health, or frustration..
  • - Should women be allowed in the clergy? Is it discrimination that only men can become priests?.
  • - Beauty contests: right or wrong. Do they serve any purpose?.
  • - Is it ethical to open companies in undeveloped countries and pay low salaries, or do these companies help the poor instead?.
  • - Can euthanasia be justified? Does the Internet make us smarter?.
  • - Should parents use Internet filters to control what their children are viewing? Does it have the opposite effect arousing their curiosity?.
  • - Children study better in single sex schools: right or wrong?.
  • - Negative effects of secondhand smoking. Should indoor smoking be banned?.
  • - Are same-sex marriages just a temporary trend? .
  • - Excessive use of social networks leads to addictions and mental disorders..
  • - Vaccinating children: pros and cons. Should it be mandatory?.
  • - Positive thinking. Does it work?.
  • - Is there any difference between children raised by working mothers or by housewives? Should mothers be entitled to choose flexible hours to combine work with parenting? .